Best Natural Protein Powders for Women and Men

protein powder

Proteins are the most important building blocks of our body. They are the little guys that team up to help you build muscle after your high intensity workouts.  Many exercise junkies take protein of all kinds, but many are now leaning towards natural protein powders.  Men and women alike can both benefit from this supplement, but which ones should you take?  Sorting out the supplement jungle can be daunting was so many new products on the market.


All Natural Protein Powders

Just as with any other food that you eat, it is important to consider everything that goes into it and how it could affect your body. Many protein powders contain sugar, which seems counterintuitive to one that wants to use them to improve their overall health. Natural protein powders are available that are organic certified and made from non-GMO sources. Some natural protein supplements contain wheat or yeast, and should be avoided by those that wish to avoid these items. Many new choices are available in regards to healthier choices in protein supplements. Choosing the right supplement is just as important as any other food choice that you make. If you spend the time and effort to avoid harmful chemicals in your food, it only makes sense to think the same way when taking supplements.

When looking through natural protein powders it is important to understand the source and type of protein that’s involved.  Read the label because some natural protein powders contain ingredients that are unhealthy such as artificial seed sweeteners and flavors. Reading labels can be enlightening. Some of the most popular supplements contain some of the same ingredients as junk food.

It is refreshing to see that in a world originally dominated by male body builders that manufacturers are beginning to take the needs and wishes of women into account. Women want to build lean mass, but do not necessarily want to bulk up. Choosing the right products, with the right form of protein is the first step in this process. As with any other food product or supplement, it is important to read the label and to make yourself knowledgeable about what all of those things mean.

Vegan Protein Powders

The protein in many mainstream supplements are animal based. However, these are not always the best choice, even for those that do not always follow a vegan diet. The raw proteins derived from animal products, such as whey, casein, and egg, can wreck havoc on your digestive tract. Plant based proteins are a better alternative than most animal based products on the market. Formulations of vegan protein powders have improved over the older formulas. We now know much more about how to balance plant-based proteins in the body. When choosing vegan protein make sure to choose one that is a balanced blend of arginine, luceine, lysine, and branched chain amino acids. There are also some available that are gluten and soy free. Hypoallergenic protein powders are available for those that are allergic to nuts and other common food allergens. The possibilities are almost endless and with a little research, one can easily find one that meets their specific needs.

Proteins made from sprouted plants such as rice, quinoa, and amaranth create an easy to digest protein powder. Others use natural hemp protein for those that wish to add fiber to their diet. Flavoring for vegan protein powders include natural vanilla bean, chocolate, and fruits, such as cranberry, strawberry and banana. Vegan powders provide the same energy boost as anima-based powders, but they do it in a more easily digestible form.


Protein Powders for Men and Women

Women do not require the same caloric intake as men. This makes lower calorie powders important so that women do not begin to pack on the pounds as fat. Women also need to look for powders that are low in carbs for the same reason. Male body builders prefer high fat and carb, as well as high protein to help put on mass.

One of the main differences between men and women’s protein powders is that men’s variety’s often contain a substance called creatine. Creatine helps the body build mass and is something found in many men’s protein supplements. Women who do not want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger should probably choose protein powders that do not contain creatine. However, it is not harmful and if you do not work out like a bodybuilder with heavy weights, creatine will not help you put on body mass by itself.

The three main sources of protein in protein supplements are eggs, soy, and whey. High whey content helps to build muscle mass, and is popular in men’s powders for this reason. Whey is a by-product of the cheese-making process, but it is different from that found in milk. The protein in milk is casein, which also helps to build body mass. Whey and Casein based protein powders have been associated with digestive tract disorders and may not be a good choice for some people. Egg protein as an excellent choice for those that are lactose intolerant. Soy is a good choice for vegetarians, but there also protein powders available that have other ingredients to boost the proteins like peas and lentils. Many more choices are now available than used to be available on the market.

Protein powders contain three different types of protein. Some contain only one type and others contain combinations of these. The three types of protein are concentrate, isolate, and casein. The main difference in these three types of protein is their absorption rates. Isolate is the fastest absorbed. Concentrate has a moderate rate of absorption and Casein takes the body the longest to digest. Casein provides a constant flow of amino acids to the body.

Do you think that bulked up female body builders are attractive, or do you prefer a leaner, more streamlined female shape? What represents the proper female physique to you?