5 Tips to Save Water in the Home


Water from the tap might seem like a convenience that we take for granted, but there are millions of people around the world who do not have access to clean water. Here are some ways to appreciate it more and save it at home!

Don’t Let it Run!

When washing dishes, don’t let the water run down the drain. Keep the tap closed and rather fill a sink with soapy water to wash dishes and the other with water for rinsing them off. Water can be running in other ways around the home without you realizing it. So check taps for any leaks and make sure that you’re not leaving sprinklers on in the garden unnecessarily. The best time to water your lawn is in the early hours of the morning before it gets too hot. This gives the water a chance to soak into the soil before evaporating.

Get Water Wise in the Garden

Having a garden is a lovely way to feel connected to nature and be surrounded by pretty greenness. But it’s not eco-friendly if your garden is resulting in water wastage. Check if your soil needs watering by digging a hole into the ground and inspecting the soil. If it’s dry, then it’s time to water your garden.

Plants that require a lot of water, such as tomatoes, can benefit from being placed in an area of the garden that has a dip in it so that the water will collect around the plants.

Use mulch for the garden in the use of wood chips, bark and gravel. This helps to prevent evaporation of water and it also prevents weeds from growing. According to the Muswellbrook Council Shire website mulching reduces up to 70 per cent of water evaporation in soil.

Install a Water Efficient Shower

Sometimes too much water comes out of the showerhead during your daily shower, resulting in a waste of water. You can save water by installing a more eco-friendly showerhead. American Standard offers showerheads that can save you up to 8000 gallons of water a year. This will not only save water but also decrease your water bill!

Decrease the Use of Washing Machines

Washing machines can use a large amount of water. An average washing machine can use up to 41 gallons of clean water for one load of laundry, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Top-loading washing machines use more water than front-loading washing machines, however you can still prevent the use of water regardless of your washing machine type by hand-washing  your clothes as much as possible.

If you can’t escape using your washing machine regularly, then at least make sure that you send your washing machine for maintenance regularly to ensure that it is working efficiently. Avoid wasting water by only using the machine when you have a full load of washing to do.

Use Your Grey Water

Grey water around the house refers to leftover water from activities around the house such as dishwashing, washing clothes or bathing. Instead of being thrown away it can still be used for other things. Although this water is not safe to drink or use to water fresh produce, there are some other ways in which to maximise your grey water. You could use it to water your grass, for instance. However, make sure you also water your garden with tap water because grey water is not fully clean and should not be the only type of water used on grass.

You can also use grey water that would have gone to waste (think of the excess water after washing dishes) to clean things around the home, such as dirty paintbrushes or paint-rollers.


What water-saving methods are your favorite at home? Tell us in the comments box below!