Disney Spoof Reminds Us of BP Oil Spill

Who remembers the infamous oil spill in 2010?  Or rather, who could forget?

The incredibly talented Jon Cozart, aka “Paint” on youtube, remembers it well.  In this hilarious spoof called “After Ever After,” he sings about what happened to all of those Disney Princesses who supposedly lived happily ever after – including Ariel from the Little Mermaid.  Reminding us about what happened in the Gulf during that tragic incident, Jon sings:

“…you’re killing my ecosystem, with fishing and oil spills.  Thank you BP, thank you BP, the British are killing, oil is spilling, now I can’t see!  You suck!”


This guy is incredibly talented, and we take our hats off to him for reminding us, in a creatively subliminal way, how oil spills affect our ecosystem.



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