Bark Wallet is the Cork Alternative

Ah, the wallet.  It’s one of those daily necessities that has been stagnant for so long, with the same design and same use.  Even though the things we carry in our wallets frequently change, isn’t it about time the actual wallet itself evolved?

That’s where the sustainable and unique bark wallet comes in.  It’s a super thin, durable, minimalist looking wallet that is made from cork, giving it an eco-friendly flare.  Sewn together with recycled cotton in a color of your choice, this wallet is a must-have for the stylish man looking to simplify his life.  There is even a matching iPhone backing that keeps your phone protected and looking fresh.

final bark shoot-047

The team at TheMinimalDuck came up with this product by pulling from their expertise as graduates from UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design.  They understand that nature is a source of inspiration, and quickly realized that eco-friendly alternatives such as cork are excellent long-lasting substitutes for leather.  Cork comes directly from the bark of a cork oak tree.  It’s lightweight, flexible, and completely renewable.  The bark even absorbs up to 5 times as much CO2 as an untouched cork oak tree.

Like many other green tech and design startups, the team at TheMinimalDuck used Kickstarter to get crowdfunding for their idea.  This is a great place for entrepreneurs to spread the word about their product, and also get funding for their ideas.

What do you think of the bark wallet?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Jason

    This thing is sweet!