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Are Tesla’s Supercharger Stations Safe?

Almost inevitably, any newly introduced technology that threatens the status quo is going to meet with fear, disbelief, and skepticism. Such has been the case with Tesla Motors and the….

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Could tires one day be used to generate electricity that runs the cars they propel? According to some researchers and inventors, yes. Photo Credit: Akweli Parker

You Won’t Believe How Tires Can Generate Electricity

Unless you’ve been living out of a car trunk the past few months, you’ve probably heard at least something about the big splash electric vehicles are making in the market….

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Bangkok city when it isn't under water

Bangkok Could Be Underwater by 2030

What happens when the government turns its back on serious environmental issues? Bangkok happens. The failure of the Bangkok government to control urban development has left the Thai capital in….

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hydraulic fracking makes people sick

Facts of Fracking: Do you really know what it is

Fracking, the common name for hydraulic fracturing, is a process used to extract natural gas from layers of shale deep beneath the surface of the Earth. Fracking has become popular….

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Turbines don't affect the price of nearby homes

Berkeley Lab Says Wind Turbines Don’t Impact Home Values

A new study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory looked at over 50,000 home sales near wind generation facilities across the United States in a study of how proximity to….

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Another Not-So-Shocking Fact – Air Pollution Lowers Life Expectancy

 Ok, it’s not shocking that air pollution isn’t good for you. It can make you cough, wheeze, and maybe even get a headache. So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise….

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Blowflies and Climate Change – A Potential Criminal Forensics Nightmare

The blowfly is one of the secret weapons in the fight against crime. It was potentially outted by the popular television series CSI, with the lead investigator Gil Grissom using….

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GMO Beef

How GMO Foods Damage Human DNA

The debate of the safety of GMOs in the food supply is a world filled with generalizations and extremes on both sides.  The USDA continues to allow the production and….

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Schematic diagram shows the route taken by electricity and liquid air as they travel through a liquid air energy storage system.

Energy Storage Method Uses Liquid Air as Battery

If we captured a mere fraction of the solar and wind energy available on earth, we could make far more electric power than we’d know what to do with. The….

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A rendering of the ERO Deconstruction Robot, which would automatically scope out buildings slated for demolition and dismantle them bit by bit. Unlike traditional implosion or wrecking ball demolition, this system would produce no dust and would recycle the building materials. Image © Omer Haciomeroglu

Demolition Waste Would Be Demolished With A Deconstruction Robot

  As a category, buildings are among the biggest contributors sources of carbon emissions. When we don’t want them any more, it takes money and energy (hence even more emissions)….

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